Values and Missions


Provide a set of services that ensure the social integration, well-being and quality of life of citizens in the third age. Promote in a sustainable way the support to the community, through the development of social projects, programs of promotion and socio-cultural development, being governed by values of social justice, solidarity, innovation and responsibility.



The Foundation intends to be recognized as a reference institution in the municipality of Pombal, for the innovative nature of its qualified intervention, for the positive impact on the community and for the quality, proximity and humanization of its services.



In the spirit of its Mission and Vision, the Home Otilia Lourenço, defines principles that guide the actions of all employees in terms of quality:

           ü The well-being, quality of life and safety of the Customer            

           ü Social integration and the spirit of solidarity and mutual support by customers and their households

           ü Competence, ethics and motivation at work

           ü Learn and be better day by day

           ü To comply with the requirements of the Management System


Dr. José Lourenço Junior Foundation is a member of the Centro Português das Fundações and Associate CNIS.