Abiul Folk Dance Group



The first public appearance of the Folk Dance group was on the 5th of August of , 2004 , at the celebration in honor of Nossa Senhora das Neves, Patron of Abiul.

The idea of creating this group originated in the desire not to lose the culture and ancient traditions and show the youth how people of Abiul had fun at balls, during the pilgrimages and also when working in the fields: singing and dancing to the sound of old songs that went from generation to generation , and have come until today .

Abiul has got an immense and rich portfolio of songs from old times and it was a pity to lose them.

This Group participated in numerous shows in the Pombal, Ourém, Pedrogão Grande municipalities and participated in the National Folklore Festival of the in the Municipality of Castro Daire , in Lisbon, among others .

It is a group of about 40 participants , some still young , strong-willed and very determined to work.

Part of the costumes previously used by the ancient folkloric are now used by this group , thus maintaining most of the characteristics and the same patterns of the older ones .

The musical ensemble has got local musicians and some students of the School of Music of Abiul  and it composed of  accordions , classical guitars , mandolins , ukuleles and various percussion instruments . 

Cheerfully and with great desire to project the name of this land beyond its borders, the Abiul FOLK DANCE GROUP is proud of its work in terms of spreading the traditional folklore of this beautiful region, to the rest of the country and promises to continue to work hard in order to transmit and disseminate this type of culture, so popular and appreciated both in our country and abroad .