Being Senior in Pombal

Last Thursday, January 20, 2022, Fundação Dr. José Lourenço Júnior, together with the Municipality of Pombal (Municipality of Pombal), Parish Council of Pombal and Usp - Universidade Sénior De Pombal, was present in the integrative activity of the EFA Course - Round Table - on the theme: "Elderly in Time of Pandemic… Changes, Needs, Answers”, which took place in the Dr. Gabriela Coelho from Pombal Secondary School (Pombal School Group)!

During the lecture, several topics and problems were discussed that continue to affect the reality of seniors in the municipality of Pombal aggravated by the Pandemic, as well as current and future mechanisms that already exist and that may bring more conditions for the reintegration of the elderly in an increasingly society. more digital!

Congratulations to the students of the EFA Course, teachers, organizers and all those involved who contributed to the sharing of knowledge and experience on this topic!

Date: 25 de Janeiro de 2022


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